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ShaneH 12-Sep-18 04:50 PM
GallowBoob 12-Sep-18 04:50 PM
jerry 12-Sep-18 04:51 PM
@ShaneH we should prolly get serious role below the mod role so we can give it to people, unless you wanna be the one to curate
also are we allowing the fashy peeps to stay in general so long as they aren't spamming slurs or whatever?
ShaneH 12-Sep-18 04:52 PM
jerry 12-Sep-18 04:52 PM
ShaneH 12-Sep-18 04:52 PM
If they're being dicks ban em
jerry 12-Sep-18 04:53 PM
kk, but just general "muh free speech" stuff is okay so long as they are just being annoying and not outright assholes?
ShaneH 12-Sep-18 04:57 PM
Yeah sure
jerry 12-Sep-18 05:01 PM
ShaneH 12-Sep-18 05:02 PM
Honestly though, ban whoever you like if they get annoying
dubteedub 12-Sep-18 05:55 PM
@ShaneH can we make an off topic general channel?
ShaneH 12-Sep-18 05:56 PM
dubteedub 12-Sep-18 06:08 PM
@ShaneH Shane do you have any plans on how you're going to moderate this space for the foreseeable future? I'm about to sign off and no one else is on
Quietus42 12-Sep-18 06:51 PM
What's the rule for being added to serious?
Zook 12-Sep-18 07:18 PM
jerry 12-Sep-18 07:19 PM
yea idk tbh.. I just added people i knew wouldn't shit it up with deus vult memes
Zook 12-Sep-18 08:07 PM
All these admins
and here I am
jerry 12-Sep-18 08:27 PM
Quietus42 12-Sep-18 08:34 PM
Hey can anyone let dcagent into serious? Or tell me how to do it?
jerry 12-Sep-18 08:38 PM
does discord mod not have role perms?
Quietus42 12-Sep-18 08:41 PM
Found it. Add atomos too please. I don't have role perms.
Or if @ShaneH could you give me permission to edit roles? I'm not going to add anyone I don't know and trust.
jerry 12-Sep-18 08:44 PM
yea i don't want to fuck wiht the role perms without shane's say so we'll just have to wait atm
atomos added
wait no he's not
I can't find him
@Quietus42 is atomos their discord name?
Quietus42 12-Sep-18 08:48 PM
It's @AEther#6230
jerry 12-Sep-18 08:48 PM
ah okay np
Quietus42 12-Sep-18 08:48 PM
Ty :)
jerry 12-Sep-18 08:49 PM
actually heck it.. everyone in here is cool.. if anyone gets into serious that isnt we can always just kick them out again.. I have discord mods role ability to add to serious
TheGoldMustache 12-Sep-18 08:53 PM
TheGoldMustache 12-Sep-18 09:01 PM
Someone just linked CP
Quietus42 12-Sep-18 09:07 PM
Wtf. Can we disable pictures?
TheGoldMustache 12-Sep-18 09:08 PM
It was a link
jerry 12-Sep-18 09:16 PM
did you get the message id?
do you mean this?
I don't want to click the link
TheGoldMustache 12-Sep-18 09:17 PM
I removed the message, didn’t get the ID. I’m on mobile
jerry 12-Sep-18 09:17 PM
ahh okay
yea if you can get the message id if it happens agian (hopefully it doesnt) then we can report it
TheGoldMustache 12-Sep-18 09:18 PM
I reported the message beforehand
jerry 12-Sep-18 09:18 PM
I kind of what to make an announcement about no NSFW of any kind
but I think that would just encourage the memers
do you still have a report option on messages?? like where you don't have to go through the whole form thing on their website?? I had that feature for about a week but figured they disabled it
TheGoldMustache 12-Sep-18 09:20 PM
Yeah, it functions basically like reporting on Reddit’s app
jerry 12-Sep-18 09:20 PM
oh damn... phoneposting finally has an advantage
TheGoldMustache 12-Sep-18 10:54 PM
Seriously, we need actual mods in here
Zook 12-Sep-18 11:07 PM
Yeah, Shane is going to need to admin role some more people for sure
If we're going to have a discord it has to be properly ran
Otherwise shit will go south fast and could bring a lot of negative attention to reddit and us.
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 06:08 AM
I’m by far the most active admin here but I can’t nearly keep up
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 08:37 AM
@ShaneH oi fam i can set up a passcode bot like we have in (edited)
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ShaneH 13-Sep-18 08:37 AM
what does it do?
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 08:37 AM
when a user joins they have to say a phrase first
to prevent spambot waves
or spambots in general
ShaneH 13-Sep-18 08:38 AM
cool, sure
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 08:38 AM
brb walking dog will set up after
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 09:03 AM
@ShaneH can you please add more mods? The general chat gets too chaotic for so few mods
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 09:11 AM
Chatfilter needed?
Cus i got u if you neeee
@ShaneH can you give me true admin so i can add bots?
Zook 13-Sep-18 09:29 AM
Yeah I'm getting tired of this shit
I could have added bots over 10 hours ago but here we are still letting this shit spiral out of control (edited)
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 09:37 AM
im working on it
im doing a bunch of bot stuff just gimme some time
Zook 13-Sep-18 09:54 AM
Working on a reddit verification bot.
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 10:16 AM
@everyone can y'all like
start banning peeps or some shit
am i the only one online rn
Zook 13-Sep-18 10:17 AM
Banned a few already
Will be able to do more in about 35 minutes if you can wait that long
jerry 13-Sep-18 10:18 AM
who we banning?
I've banned a buncch but I don't know where the line is
@sloth_on_meth do we wanna make a politics channel?? it's inevitable that the convo is always going to devolve into that
at least it's not racist memes
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 10:23 AM
jerry 13-Sep-18 10:23 AM
then we will have to police general though
and tell them to go to #politics everytime it goes there
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 10:24 AM
jerry 13-Sep-18 10:24 AM
thnx for making stuff nice
the server is a lot better than last night too (convowise)... at least people are making complete sentences
Zook 13-Sep-18 10:30 AM
I banned a couple from CA a little bit ago
I would say go with reddit rules and discord rules
No brigading, no doxing , etc
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 10:31 AM
just get rid of people if theyre being dicks etc
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 11:02 AM
@ShaneH can you give admins the priority speaker perm
ShaneH 13-Sep-18 11:05 AM
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 01:12 PM
A forum about the practice and implications of labeling children as "transgender."
why is that on the list
oh wait nvm
it seemed like a support sub
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 02:00 PM
@n8thegr8 you seen this?
n8thegr8 13-Sep-18 02:01 PM
lol so that's why they've been calling me a nudist.
I just thought it was a really weird meme that I hadn't seen before.
I feel bad for that guy, though.
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 02:05 PM
n8thegr8 13-Sep-18 02:11 PM
yeah, I reported it too.
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 02:54 PM
@n8thegr8 wtf pm me nudes or we aren't friends anymore
xMikee 13-Sep-18 04:10 PM
we should consider a blackout (edited)
yknow, just saying
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 04:29 PM
@everyone Discuss the admin stuff here. The other chat has non sub mods in it
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 04:29 PM
take it to slack
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 04:29 PM
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 04:29 PM
where everyone else is
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 04:29 PM
Fuck I hate slack
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 04:29 PM
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 04:30 PM
Can they come here?
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 04:30 PM
they're all there
Zook 13-Sep-18 04:31 PM
Just come out with a post that says that we're not responsible for the bans.
It's the only sensible thing to do.
Post it on discord and the subreddit.
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 04:31 PM
Just say that we don’t have control over the admins decisions
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 04:31 PM
Okay. So we have to go public with the prank. I think Nate, Merari, or Shane should should make the post.
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 04:31 PM
That’s all we really need to say
Zook 13-Sep-18 04:32 PM
No @TheGoldMustache
Sorry man
But I have to agree with @Quietus42
We have to tell users that we have no control of who gets banned
And that our sub is a prank.
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 04:33 PM
The modmail was pretty specific about no more misleading users.
Zook 13-Sep-18 04:33 PM
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 04:33 PM
im not in the slack am i
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 04:33 PM
Is that not what I said? “We have no control over the admins”
Zook 13-Sep-18 04:33 PM
Needs to turn into "This sub is a joke sub and we have no control in any of the bannings"
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 04:33 PM
nah we're causing trouble so lets turn it into a place where we document the banned subs for now
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 04:34 PM
We should nominate someone to clarify with the admin
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 04:34 PM
Zook 13-Sep-18 04:34 PM
I'll nominate myself if no one wants to step up.
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 04:34 PM
See exactly what we need to do.
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 04:34 PM
no need, sody is chill fam
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
Okay. Then we need to discuss the post
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
sody sucks first of all
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
go to slack
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
people in slack are on top of this
Quietus42 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
I'm going to let sody know that we'll take care of it and remove LOL
Zook 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
Do we have a channel on slack?
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
you dont need to do anything
Zook 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
Because if so I am not in it
siouxsie_siouxv2 13-Sep-18 04:35 PM
you're there
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 04:36 PM
Jesus reddit is gonna get so pissed
Zook 13-Sep-18 04:37 PM
On DefaultMods?
Not listed in my channels
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 04:37 PM
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 05:46 PM
What is the beigeconsortium thing Shane?
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 05:50 PM
@ShaneH nothing to worry about
i turned on discords built in nsfw filter
its crazy good
edit the freaking message plox
jerry 13-Sep-18 05:55 PM
i tried to send my friend a spooky skele the other day and the discord filter thought it was pron
xMikee 13-Sep-18 06:05 PM
hey why'd we shut down? (edited)
ah I see
welp I created r/TheBlackout2018 (edited)
soo message me if you want mod there I guess?
sloth_on_meth 13-Sep-18 06:10 PM
@ShaneH7646 no longer private?
Zook 13-Sep-18 06:41 PM
So am I not apart of blackout?
xMikee 13-Sep-18 07:08 PM
oh wait
you're a mod here?
lol yeah
sorry about that
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 07:11 PM
Yeah, from that modmail in Banout
Have they said anything to you specifically? (edited)
xMikee 13-Sep-18 07:11 PM
But I left a mod note
I will not be interviewed, and I suggest we collectively say no as a subreddit
That just leads to a whole shitshow of stuff
TheGoldMustache 13-Sep-18 07:20 PM
I think the best course of action for the interview is honesty
xMikee 14-Sep-18 05:01 AM
hey is there some sort of slack channel related to this?
sloth_on_meth 14-Sep-18 07:06 AM
Hey @ShaneH transfer ownership tbh
@everyone well
Fuck sody lmao